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PTA Chanukah Collection

Dear KHDS Parents,
As Chanukah quickly approaches, it is important to acknowledge our hardworking professional staff who enrich our children’s lives. As is our tradition, the PTA will collect contributions from each family for the entire faculty and staff of KHDS. On Chanukah, we will distribute the money along with a letter acknowledging the participating families.

The PTA made the decision to offer this collection service only once during the year — at Chanukah time. The PTA will not ask you to contribute anything at the end of the year, and at that time you will be free to give personal gifts to your children’s teachers. We therefore urge you at this time to refrain from giving individual gifts and join us in our collection. This enables us to ensure that all the faculty and staff of KHDS are recognized for their hours and hours of hard work on behalf of our children.

We are suggesting a donation of $18 – $36 per child towards this collection. We understand that times are tough for many, and whatever you can contribute will go towards helping make our teachers’ holidays a little more special. Any family who sends in a contribution of any amount will be listed as a participating family.
In organizing this collection we have tried to accommodate the interests of our staff, as well as the financial constraints of our families. Thank you for your help in showing our heartfelt appreciation to our hardworking teachers and staff.

If you would like to pay by FACTS instead or if you have any questions, please contact Cara Freedman at carafreedman@gmail.com.

Please click the donate button below and then enter the amount you would like to donate to the PTA Chanukah Drive